Premium Business Cards

Business Cards – Brown Kraft

د.إ 118.00د.إ 417.00

  PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat) Prices: 310gsm Brown Kraft (One side colour)310gsm Brown Kraft (two side colour)400gsm Brown Kraft (Two sides colours)400gsm Brown Kraft (one sides colours) Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard 100 118AED 118AED 118AED 200 127AED 127AED 127AED 300 142AED 137AED 142AED 400 147AED 147AED 147AED 500 162AED 162AED […]

Business Cards – Conqueror

د.إ 118.00د.إ 510.00

PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat) Prices: 320gsm Conqueror CX22 Diamond White (Two sides colours)300gsm Conqueror Contour Brilliant White (Two sides colours)300gsm Conqueror Wove Brilliant White (Two sides colours)300gsm Conqueror Wove Diamond White (Two sides colours)300gsm Conqueror Laid Cream (Two sides colours)300gsm Conqueror Stonemarque Diamond White (Two sides colours)300gsm Conqueror Laid Brilliant White (Two sides colours)300gsm Conqueror Laid […]

Business Cards – Eco-friendly

د.إ 123.00د.إ 466.00

It's true that first impression counts, and your business card has to make an impact. But the environmental impact is another important factor. You can do your bit by printing eco-friendly business cards, and introduce yourself in an attentive and sustainable way. Pixar printing gives you the option of choosing business cards made with recycled paper for your communication, an ideal product for those who care about the environment and do not want to miss out on high-class, high-quality printing. You can choose from two different types of recycled paper and a range of formats, giving you maximum flexibility in how you customize your eco-friendly business cards.

Business Cards – Smooth White

د.إ 127.00د.إ 608.00

Our smooth white cardstock is certainly not standard. Crafted from 16pt or 29.5pt thick, brilliant and white cardstock, this is the perfect option for clients looking for a cardstock on which they can print their simple and elegant designs. Perfect for foil stamping, offset printing, debossing, embossing and metallic ink, this versatile cardstock is quite certain to impress. Our smooth white cardstock is an excellent way to set your cards apart from all of the laminated competition. As with all of our white premium cards printing is not included in the price so be sure to include it when using our price calculator.

Business Cards – Textured

د.إ 0.00د.إ 510.00

Naturally sophisticated, these cards’ pulp-like quality and textured surface will effortlessly coincide with any minimal card design. We offer up to three spot colours on each side of this card stock (please note, spot colours are not a 100% true match, it is as close as possible). Weighing at 30pt, this card stock is also great for embossing, debossing and letterpress. Foil stamping is also available. This card stock is not suitable for> full bleed designs, gradients or the use of several colours.

Business Cards – Waterproof

د.إ 211.00د.إ 593.00

PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat) Prices: LMO Film 275mic (Two sides colours)LMO Film 275mic (One side colour) Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard 100 215.6AED 215.6AED 215.6AED 150 245AED 245AED 245AED 200 279.3AED 279.3AED 279.3AED 250 313.6AED 313.6AED 313.6AED 300 377.3AED 343AED 377.3AED 350 411.6AED 377.3AED 411.6AED 400 445.9AED 445.9AED 445.9AED 450 509.6AED […]

Pearl Shimmer Business Cards

د.إ 147.00د.إ 559.00

Elegant, lovely Paper in the White Color Group. Buy our excellent quality Pearl 8-1/2-x-11 Paper, Shine for a sparkling experience with the bringing of a subtle shimmer to every design! This is a shimmer metallic paper line that exhibits both visual beauty and tactile feel; the smooth touch and complementary shimmer showering through many print processes make your work truly unique. The SHINE combined natural minerals with organic pigments giving room of super shine, for a rich and luminous effect. Find the related and matching cardstock, paper and envelopes by jumping to Reich pages and viewing more Shine Paper selections.