Specialty Business Cards

Business Cards – Double Pasted

د.إ 172.00د.إ 902.00

PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat) Prices: 660 gsm Plike White (330 gsm + 330 gsm) (Two sides colours)560 gsm Natural Evolution White (280 gsm + 280 gsm) (Two sides colours)600 gsm Conqueror Recycled White (300 gsm + 300gsm) (Two sides colours)800 gsm Matt Laminated (400gsm + 400gsm) (Two sides colours)700 gsm Matt Laminated (350 gsm + 350 […]

Business Cards – Gold Foil

د.إ 196.00د.إ 466.00

PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat) Prices: 290gsm Sirio Black (No Printing)380gsm Sirio Black Black (No Printing)330gsm Plike Black (No Printing) Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard 50 196AED 196AED 196AED 100 206AED 206AED 206AED 150 206AED 206AED 206AED 200 211AED 211AED 211AED 250 216AED 216AED 216AED 300 230AED 225AED 230AED 350 235AED 230AED […]

Business Cards – Spot UV

د.إ 319.00د.إ 720.00

Spot UV Name Cards - specifically designed to establish your brand with a special effect applied to your logo or part of your name card to make it stand out. 3D spot UV business cards have got a clear varnish coating which will highlight and draw attention to the text and images. They will have a smooth finish and high durability. As the UV varnish coating is applied on a matte or soft touch laminated sheet it will have long life. The surface will be raised for more prominence and texture making it vibrant and eye catching. Therefore the design becomes more alluring and even minute details will be significant. You can also customize these cards according to your taste and style.

Business Cards – White Ink

د.إ 172.00د.إ 412.00

PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat) Prices: 330gsm Plike Black (Both sides White Ink) Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard 100 172AED 172AED 172AED 150 201AED 201AED 201AED 200 230AED 230AED 230AED 250 260AED 260AED 260AED 300 260AED 289AED 290AED 350 289AED 319AED 319AED 400 319AED 348AED 348AED 450 348AED 377AED 377AED 500 377AED […]

Business Cards- Quadplex

د.إ 186.00د.إ 1,127.00

PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat) Prices: 1490gsm Quadplex Uncoated (Two sides colours) Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard US / CA (51x89mm) 90x55mm 50 186AED 186AED 186AED 186AED 186AED 100 221AED 221AED 221AED 221AED 221AED 200 289AED 289AED 289AED 289AED 289AED 300 382AED 363AED 382AED 382AED 382AED 400 456AED 455AED 456AED 456AED 456AED […]

Business Cards- Triplex

د.إ 157.00د.إ 936.00

PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat) Prices: 1220gsm Triplex Uncoated (Two sides colours) Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard US / CA (51x89mm) 90x55mm 50 157AED 157AED 157AED 157AED 157AED 100 186AED 186AED 186AED 186AED 186AED 200 240AED 240AED 240AED 240AED 240AED 300 314AED 299AED 314AED 314AED 314AED 400 372AED 372AED 372AED 372AED 372AED […]