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  • Brilliant selection of premium quality hi-grade Asian & European papers.
  • Offered in various sizes (A6, DL, A5, A4 and US Letter) to match your multi-purpose needs.

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Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 113AED 113AED 123AED 142AED 162AED
100 123AED 132AED 142AED 181AED 216AED
150 132AED 142AED 162AED 216AED 279AED
200 142AED 157AED 181AED 260AED 338AED
250 152AED 167AED 201AED 299AED 397AED
300 162AED 181AED 216AED 338AED 456AED
350 172AED 191AED 240AED 377AED 515AED
400 181AED 206AED 260AED 417AED 573AED
450 191AED 216AED 279AED 456AED 632AED
500 201AED 235AED 299AED 495AED 691AED
600 216AED 260AED 338AED 573AED 809AED
700 240AED 284AED 377AED 652AED 926AED
800 260AED 309AED 417AED 730AED 1044AED
900 279AED 338AED 456AED 809AED 1161AED
1,000 299AED 368AED 495AED 887AED 1279AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 162AED 167AED 196AED 274AED 353AED
100 196AED 230AED 274AED 441AED 593AED
150 240AED 274AED 353AED 593AED 838AED
200 274AED 338AED 441AED 760AED 1078AED
250 319AED 382AED 519AED 926AED 1323AED
300 353AED 441AED 593AED 1078AED 1558AED
350 397AED 485AED 681AED 1245AED 1808AED
400 441AED 549AED 760AED 1411AED 2043AED
450 475AED 593AED 838AED 1558AED 2293AED
500 519AED 652AED 926AED 1730AED 2528AED
600 593AED 760AED 1078AED 2043AED 3014AED
700 681AED 862AED 1245AED 2381AED 3499AED
800 760AED 970AED 1411AED 2695AED 3984AED
900 838AED 1078AED 1558AED 3014AED 4464AED
1,000 926AED 1201AED 1730AED 3347 AED 4949AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 162AED 172AED 201AED 289AED 372AED
100 201AED 240AED 289AED 466AED 627AED
150 250AED 289AED 372AED 627AED 892AED
200 289AED 353AED 466AED 809AED 1147AED
250 333AED 402AED 554AED 985AED 1411AED
300 372 AED 466AED 627AED 1147AED 1666AED
350 421AED 515AED 720AED 1328AED 1931 AED
400 466AED 578AED 809AED 1504AED 2185AED
450 505AED 627AED 892AED 1666AED 2450AED
500 554AED 691AED 985AED 1847AED 2705AED
600 627AED 809AED 1147AED 2185AED 3224AED
700 720AED 921AED 1328AED 2543AED 3744AED
800 809AED 1034AED 1504AED 2886AED 4263AED
900 892AED 1147AED 1666AED 3224 AED 4782AED
1,000 985AED 1279AED 1847AED 3582AED 5302AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 127AED 132AED 147AED 181AED 221AED
100 147AED 162AED 181AED 265AED 338AED
150 167AED 181AED 221AED 338AED 456AED
200 181AED 211AED 265AED 417AED 568AED
250 206AED 235AED 304AED 500AED 691AED
300 221AED 265AED 338AED 568AED 804AED
350 245AED 284AED 377AED 652AED 921AED
400 265AED 314AED 417AED 730AED 1039AED
450 279AED 338AED 456AED 804AED 1156AED
500 304AED 368AED 500AED 887AED 1274AED
600 338AED 417AED 568AED 1039AED 1504AED
700 377AED 470AED 652AED 1201AED 1740AED
800 417AED 519AED 730AED 1352AED 1975AED
900 456AED 568AED 804AED 1504AED 2210AED
1,000 500AED 632AED 887AED 1666AED 2440AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 142AED 147AED 167AED 221AED 279AED
100 167AED 191AED 221AED 343AED 446AED
150 196AED 221AED 279AED 446AED 622AED
200 221AED 265AED 343AED 564AED 789AED
250 255AED 299AED 397AED 686AED 965AED
300 279AED 343AED 446AED 789AED 1132AED
350 309AED 372AED 510 AED 907AED 1308AED
400 343AED 417AED 564AED 1029AED 1475AED
450 368AED 446AED 622AED 1132AED 1651AED
500 397AED 490AED 686AED 1250AED 1818AED
600 446AED 564AED 789AED 1475AED 2161AED
700 510AED 642AED 907 AED 1710AED 2504AED
800 564AED 715AED 1029AED 1936AED 2847AED
900 622AED 789AED 1132AED 2161AED 3190AED
1,000 686AED 877AED 1250AED 2396AED 3533AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 108AED 113AED 118AED 132AED 142AED
100 118AED 123AED 132AED 162AED 186AED
150 123AED 132AED 142AED 186AED 230AED
200 132AED 142AED 162AED 216AED 274AED
250 137AED 147AED 176AED 250AED 319AED
300 142AED 162AED 186AED 274AED 363AED
350 152AED 167AED 201AED 304AED 407AED
400 162AED 181AED 216AED 333AED 451AED
450 167AED 186AED 230AED 363AED 495AED
500 176AED 196AED 250AED 392AED 539AED
600 186AED 216AED 274AED 451AED 627AED
700 201AED 235AED 304AED 510AED 715AED
800 216AED 255AED 333AED 568AED 799AED
900 230AED 274AED 363AED 627AED 887AED
1,000 250AED 299AED 392AED 686AED 975AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 157AED 162AED 191AED 265AED 338AED
100 191AED 221AED 265AED 421AED 559AED
150 230AED 265AED 338AED 559AED 794AED
200 265AED 323AED 421AED 715AED 1014AED
250 304AED 421AED 495AED 872AED 1245AED
300 338AED 421AED 559AED 1014 AED 1470AED
350 377AED 461AED 642AED 1171AED 1700AED
400 421AED 519AED 715AED 1328AED 1921AED
450 451AED 559AED 794AED 1470AED 2156AED
500 495AED 617AED 872AED 1627AED 2377AED
600 559AED 715AED 1014AED 1921 AED 2832AED
700 642AED 818AED 1171AED 2239AED 3288AED
800 715AED 916AED 1328AED 2533AED 3739AED
900 794AED 1014AED 1470AED 2832AED 3739AED
1,000 872AED 1132AED 1627AED 3146AED 4650AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 162AED 172AED 196AED 274 AED 358AED
100 196AED 230AED 274AED 446AED 598AED
150 240AED 274AED 358AED 598AED 848AED
200 274AED 338AED 446AED 764AED 1088AED
250 319AED 382AED 524AED 936AED 1333AED
300 358AED 446AED 598AED 1088AED 1823AED
350 402AED 490AED 686AED 1254AED 2063AED
400 446AED 554AED 764AED 1426AED 2063AED
450 480AED 598AED 848AED 1573AED 2313AED
500 524AED 657AED 936AED 1744AED 2553 AED
600 598AED 764AED 1088AED 2063AED 3043AED
700 686AED 872AED 1254AED 2401AED 3533AED
800 764AED 980AED 1426AED 2401AED 4023AED
900 848AED 1088AED 1573AED 3043AED 4513AED
1,000 936AED 1210AED 1744AED 3381AED 5003AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 123AED 127AED 137AED 172AED 206 AED
100 137AED 152AED 172AED 240AED 304AED
150 157AED 172AED 206AED 304AED 412AED
200 172AED 196AED 240AED 377AED 510AED
250 191AED 216 AED 274AED 446AED 613AED
300 206AED 240AED 304AED 510AED 711AED
350 225AED 260AED 343AED 578AED 818AED
400 240AED 289AED 377AED 652AED 916AED
450 260AED 304AED 412AED 711AED 1019AED
500 274AED 333AED 446AED 784AED 1122AED
600 304AED 377AED 510AED 916AED 1323AED
700 343AED 421AED 578AED 1058AED 1529AED
800 377AED 466AED 652AED 1191AED 1730AED
900 412AED 510AED 711AED 1323AED 1936AED
1,000 446AED 564AED 784AED 1465AED 2141AED
Quantity A6 (105x148mm) DL (100x210mm) A5 (148x210mm) A4 (210x297mm) US Letter (216x279mm)
50 137AED 142AED 162AED 211AED 265AED
100 162AED 181AED 211AED 319AED 417AED
150 191AED 211AED 265AED 417AED 573AED
200 211AED 250AED 319AED 524AED 730AED
250 240AED 279AED 372AED 632AED 887AED
300 265AED 319AED 417AED 730AED 1044AED
350 289AED 348AED 475AED 838AED 1201AED
400 319AED 387AED 524AED 946AED 1352AED
450 343AED 417AED 573AED 1044AED 1514AED
500 372AED 456AED 632AED 1152AED 1666AED
600 417AED 524AED 730AED 1352AED 1980AED
700 475AED 593AED 838AED 1568AED 2293AED
800 524AED 662AED 946AED 1774AED 2607AED
900 573AED 730AED 1044AED 1980AED 2916AED
1,000 632AED 809AED 1152AED 2195AED 3229AED

Postcards-Executive Graceful

Why you go for Postcards- Executive-different sizes

Premium Quality

Best quality of High Grade Asian & European papers – Worthy Choose

Common Sizes

Available in different sizes suiting your needs (A6, DL, A5, A4 and US Letter)

Quite reasonable Price

Best Price for full colour print single or two sides for 50 copies & above

Free Delivery

FREE Delivery within Dubai for orders 100 Dhs & above


Sizes, Templates, Printing, Finishings, etc.

Postcards – Executive


Business Days (Fri, Sat & Holidays- not working)

Production to start soon after approval of the digital proof submitted by you.
Proof approval time ends strictly @1.00 p.m. daily

A6 (105x148mm), DL (100x210mm), A5 (148x210mm), A4 (210x297mm), US Letter (216x279mm)


350gsm Carta Plus White Plain, 350gsm Monnalisa Premium White, 250gsm Distinction Natural White, 300gsm Opale WOVE Pure White, 250gsm Magno Satin


Two sides colours, One side colour


50 Copies, 100 Copies, 150 Copies, 200 Copies, 250 Copies, 300 Copies, 350 Copies, 400 Copies, 450 Copies, 500 Copies, 600 Copies, 700 Copies, 800 Copies, 900 Copies, 1000 Copies


Nil, Score Fold (Crease + Half Fold ), Round Corner, Punch Hole, Hot Foil (Shiny Gold Foil)


1 Business Day, 2 Business Day, 3 Business Day


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Know Before Order

Please take care of the following while preparing your data


  • Data saved in CMYK color is the right format to get the paper printing by a mix of four color inks viz. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)


  • Large Format Printing will not be done in Pantone or Spot colours; hence your data must be converted to CMYK colours,if it is done in other colours.
  • If the above is not taken care, then Spot/Pantone colours will have to be converted to CMYK and a colour shift could be happened in print.

RGB Data

  • RGB colours are not meant for printing on paper, as it is mainly used for Monitors, TV Screens and Phone; hence Data is not to be done in RGB. This is very important.
  • If Data is not done or converted into CMYK ; it has to be changed to CMYK colours at our end and in such case, colour variance could be happened.


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