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Quantity 4p A5 (Open size: A4) 4p A4 (Open size: A3) 6p A5 (Open size: 441×210) 6p A4 (Open size: 627×297) 4p A5 (Open size 592x210mm)
50 113AED 211AED 211AED 211AED 211AED
100 162AED 358AED 358AED 358AED 358AED
150 211AED 505AED 505AED 505AED 505AED
200 260AED 657AED 657AED 657AED 657AED
250 314AED 804AED 804AED 804AED 804AED
300 358AED 951AED 951AED 951AED 951AED
350 412AED 1098AED 1098AED 1098AED 1098AED
400 461AED 1250AED 1250AED 1250AED 1250AED
500 559AED 1544AED 1544AED 1544AED 1544AED
550 608AED 1691AED 1691AED 1691AED 1691AED
600 657AED 1842AED 1842AED 1842AED 1842AED
700 755AED 2136AED 2136AED 2136AED 2136AED
750 804AED 2283AED 2283AED 2283AED 2283AED
800 853AED 2435AED 2435AED 2435AED 2435AED
850 907AED 2582AED 2582AED 2582AED 2582AED
900 951AED 2729AED 2729AED 2729AED 2729AED
950 1005AED 2876AED 2876AED 2876AED 2876AED
1000 1054AED 3028AED 3028AED 3028AED 3028AED
Quantity 4p A5 (Open size: A4) 4p A4 (Open size: A3) 6p A5 (Open size: 441×210) 6p A4 (Open size: 627×297) 4p A5 (Open size 592x210mm)
50 108AED 196AED 196AED 196AED 196AED
100 157AED 333AED 333AED 333AED 333AED
150 196AED 466AED 466AED 466AED 466AED
200 245AED 603AED 603AED 603AED 603AED
250 289AED 735AED 735AED 735AED 735AED
300 333AED 872AED 872AED 872AED 872AED
350 377AED 1005AED 1005AED 1005AED 1005AED
400 426AED 1142AED 1142AED 1142AED 1142AED
500 515AED 1411AED 1411AED 1411AED 1411AED
550 559AED 1544AED 1544AED 1544AED 1544AED
600 603AED 1681AED 1681AED 1681AED 1681AED
700 696AED 1950AED 1950AED 1950AED 1950AED
750 735AED 2083AED 2083AED 2083AED 2083AED
800 784AED 2220AED 2220AED 2220AED 2220AED
850 828AED 2352AED 2352AED 2352AED 2352AED
900 872AED 2489AED 2489AED 2489AED 2489AED
950 916AED 2622AED 2622AED 2622AED 2622AED
1000 965AED 2759AED 2759AED 2759AED 2759AED
Quantity 4p A5 (Open size: A4) 4p A4 (Open size: A3) 6p A5 (Open size: 441×210) 6p A4 (Open size: 627×297) 4p A5 (Open size 592x210mm)
50 118AED 230AED 230AED 230AED 230AED
100 176AED 397AED 397AED 397AED 397AED
150 230AED 564AED 564AED 564AED 564AED
200 289AED 735AED 735AED 735AED 735AED
250 348AED 902AED 902AED 902AED 902AED
300 397AED 1068AED 1068AED 1068AED 1068AED
350 456AED 1240AED 1240AED 1240AED 1240AED
400 515AED 1406AED 1406AED 1406AED 1406AED
500 622AED 1740AED 1740AED 1740AED 1740AED
550 681AED 1911AED 1911AED 1911AED 1911AED
600 735AED 2078AED 2078AED 2078AED 2078AED
700 848AED 2416AED 2416AED 2416AED 2416AED
750 902AED 2582AED 2582AED 2582AED 2582AED
800 960AED 2749AED 2749 AED 2749AED 2749AED
850 1019AED 2916AED 2916AED 2916AED 2916AED
900 1068AED 3087AED 3087AED 3087AED 3087AED
950 1127AED 3254AED 3254AED 3254AED 3254AED
1000 1186AED 3420AED 3420AED 3420AED 3420AED

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Proof approval time ends strictly @1.00 p.m. daily

4p A5 (Open size: A4)(29.7x21cm), 4p A4 (Open size: A3)(42×29.7cm), 6p A5 (Open size: 441×210)(44.1x21cm), 6p A4 (Open size: 627×297)(63.3×30.3cm), 4p A5 (Open size 592x210mm)(21×59.2cm)


300gsm Bristol, 300gsm Matt, 250gsm Gloss


Two sides colours


50 Copies, 100 Copies, 150 Copies, 200 Copies, 250 Copies, 300 Copies, 350 Copies, 400 Copies, 450 Copies, 500 Copies, 550 Copies, 600 Copies, 700 Copies, 750 Copies, 800 Copies, 850 Copies, 900 Copies, 950 Copies, 1000 Copies


Nil, Score Fold(Crease + Half Fold), Hot Foil(Shiny Gold Foil), Gloss Lamination(One Side), Matt Lamination(One Side), Velvet Lamination(One Side)


1 Business Day, 2 Business Day, 3 Business Day


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Know Before Order

Please take care of the following while preparing your data


  • Data saved in CMYK color is the right format to get the paper printing by a mix of four color inks viz. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)


  • Large Format Printing will not be done in Pantone or Spot colours; hence your data must be converted to CMYK colours,if it is done in other colours.
  • If the above is not taken care, then Spot/Pantone colours will have to be converted to CMYK and a colour shift could be happened in print.

RGB Data

  • RGB colours are not meant for printing on paper, as it is mainly used for Monitors, TV Screens and Phone; hence Data is not to be done in RGB. This is very important.
  • If Data is not done or converted into CMYK ; it has to be changed to CMYK colours at our end and in such case, colour variance could be happened.


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