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Quantity A4 – 44 Pages A4 – 48 Pages A4 – 52 Pages A4 – 56 Pages A4 – 60 Pages A4 – 64 Pages A4 – 68 Pages A4 – 72 Pages A4 – 76 Pages A4 – 80 Pages A4 – 84 Pages A4 – 88 Pages A4 – 92 Pages A4 – 96 Pages A4 – 100 Pages
300 2994AED 3366AED 3450AED 3827AED 3915AED 4292AED 4386AED 4768AED 4861AED 5248AED 5346AED 5738AED 5836AED 5699AED 5777AED
500 3572AED 3994AED 4136AED 4562AED 4704AED 5135AED 5277AED 5718AED 5865AED 6306AED 6458AED 6909AED 7061AED 6860AED 6992AED
1,000 5517AED 6071AED 6439AED 6997AED 7375AED 7943AED 8325AED 8898AED 9286AED 9869AED 10266AED 10854AED 11255 AED 10809AED 11157AED
2,000 8590AED 9501AED 10030AED 10956AED 11495AED 12431AED 12980AED 13926AED 14484AED 15445AED 16013AED 16983AED 17557AED 16895AED 17395AED
3,000 11491AED 12657AED 13451AED 14636AED 15440AED 16640AED 17459AED 18674AED 19502AED 20737AED 21575AED 22824AED 23682AED 22716AED 23461AED
4,000 14391AED 15817AED 16871AED 18316AED 19384AED 20850AED 21932AED 23422AED 24520AED 26024AED 27141AED 28670AED 29802AED 28543AED 29532AED
5,000 17287AED 18973AED 20286AED 21996AED 23329AED 25059AED 26411AED 28165AED 29537AED 31316AED 32708AED 34511AED 35922AED 34369AED 35603AED
Quantity A4 – 44 Pages A4 – 48 Pages A4 – 52 Pages A4 – 56 Pages A4 – 60 Pages A4 – 64 Pages A4 – 68 Pages A4 – 72 Pages A4 – 76 Pages A4 – 80 Pages A4 – 84 Pages A4 – 88 Pages A4 – 92 Pages A4 – 96 Pages A4 – 100 Pages
300 2587AED 2906AED 2974AED 3293AED 3366AED 3690AED 3763AED 4092AED 4165AED 4498AED 4572AED 4910AED 4988AED 4876AED 4954AED
500 3038AED 3396AED 3504AED 3866AED 3979AED 4346AED 4459AED 4831AED 4944AED 5321AED 5439AED 5816AED 5939AED 5777AED 5900AED
1,000 4547AED 5008AED 5297AED 5762AED 6052AED 6527AED 6821AED 7301AED 7600AED 8085AED 8389AED 8879AED 9188AED 8840AED 9129AED
2,000 6953AED 7688AED 8100AED 8845AED 9266AED 10021AED 10447AED 11211AED 11642AED 12422AED 12858AED 13642AED 14088AED 13568AED 13975AED
3,000 9212AED 10148AED 10760AED 11711AED 12333AED 13294AED 13926AED 14901AED 15543AED 16528AED 17179AED 18179AED 18841AED 18086AED 18689AED
4,000 11471AED 12608AED 13421AED 14573AED 15401AED 16567AED 17405AED 18591AED 19438AED 20639AED 21501AED 22716AED 23594AED 22604AED 23402AED
5,000 13735AED 15068AED 16082AED 17439AED 18468AED 19840AED 20884AED 22275AED 23339AED 24745AED 25823AED 27249AED 28342AED 27126AED 28116AED
Quantity A4 – 44 Pages A4 – 48 Pages A4 – 52 Pages A4 – 56 Pages A4 – 60 Pages A4 – 64 Pages A4 – 68 Pages A4 – 72 Pages A4 – 76 Pages A4 – 80 Pages A4 – 84 Pages A4- 88 Pages A4 – 92 Pages A4 – 96 Pages A4 – 100 Pages
300 2543AED 2832AED 2881AED 3170AED 3210AED 3499AED 3538AED 3822AED 3861AED 4136AED 4175AED 4449AED 4488AED 4778AED 4871AED
500 2979AED 3308AED 3386AED 3709AED 3788AED 4106AED 4180AED 4493AED 4567AED 4880AED 4949AED 5258AED 5321AED 5645AED 5782AED
1,000 4439AED 4851AED 5086AED 5493AED 5728AED 6130AED 6355AED 6752AED 6978AED 7365AED 7585AED 7967AED 8183AED 8595AED 8903AED
2,000 6767AED 7428AED 7762AED 8413AED 8742AED 9384AED 9707AED 10339AED 10653AED 11275AED 11584AED 12201AED 12500AED 13157AED 13598AED
3,000 8952AED 9785AED 10295AED 11118AED 11618AED 12426AED 12916AED 13715AED 14195AED 14979AED 15450AED 16224AED 16685AED 17513AED 18155AED
4,000 11143AED 12147AED 12828AED 13823AED 14489AED 15469AED 16126AED 17091AED 17733AED 18684AED 19316AED 20247AED 20869AED 21874AED 22716AED
5,000 13328AED 14509AED 15362AED 16528AED 17366AED 18512AED 19335AED 20462AED 21271AED 22383AED 23177AED 24270AED 25049AED 26230AED 27273AED

Catalogues- Perfect Glue bounded

Points worth noting while going for Catalogue Print in Dubai
To make it strong & durable, go for cover Lamination

Variety of Papers

Wide range of Gloss and Sem-Gloss Papers to choose!

Finishings beyond Normal

Books come classy and posh with Lamination or Gold Foil

Ease of Payment

Various easy Payment Options while check out

Free Delivery

FREE Delivery within Dubai, for all orders


Sizes, Templates, Printing, Finishings, etc.

Booklets- Stapled Express


Business Days (Fri, Sat & Holidays- not working)

Production to start soon after approval of the digital proof submitted by you.
Proof approval time ends strictly @1.00 p.m. daily

A4 (210x297mm), A5 (148x210mm)


Perfect(Glue) Binding


44 Pages (cover 4P + inside 40P), 48 Pages (cover 4P + inside 44P), 52 Pages (cover 4P + inside 48P), 56 Pages (cover 4P + inside 52P), 60 Pages (cover 4P + inside 56P), 64 Pages (cover 4P + inside 60P), 68 Pages (cover 4P + inside 64P), 72 Pages (cover 4P + inside 68P), 76 Pages (cover 4P + inside 72P), 80 Pages (cover 4P + inside 76P), 84 Pages (cover 4P + inside 80P), 88 Pages (cover 4P + inside 84P), 92 Pages (cover 4P + inside 88P), 96 Pages (cover 4P + inside 92P), 100 Pages (cover 4P + inside 96P)


300gsm Matt, 250gsm Gloss


Both sides full color


Nil, Hot Foil(Shiny Gold Foil), Folding(Half Fold), over Lamination (Gloss Outside)


170gsm Matt, 100gsm Wood Free, 130gsm Gloss


Full color all pages




300 Copies, 500 Copies, 1000 Copies, 2000 Copies, 3000 Copies, 4000 Copies, 5000 Copies


4 Business Days, 5 Business Days, 6 Business Days


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Know Before Order

Please take care of the following while preparing your data


  • Data saved in CMYK color is the right format to get the paper printing by a mix of four color inks viz. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)


  • Large Format Printing will not be done in Pantone or Spot colours; hence your data must be converted to CMYK colours,if it is done in other colours.
  • If the above is not taken care, then Spot/Pantone colours will have to be converted to CMYK and a colour shift could be happened in print.

RGB Data

  • RGB colours are not meant for printing on paper, as it is mainly used for Monitors, TV Screens and Phone; hence Data is not to be done in RGB. This is very important.
  • If Data is not done or converted into CMYK ; it has to be changed to CMYK colours at our end and in such case, colour variance could be happened.


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