Smooth White Business Cards

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Our smooth white cardstock is certainly not standard. Crafted from 16pt or 29.5pt thick, brilliant and white cardstock, this is the perfect option for clients looking for a cardstock on which they can print their simple and elegant designs. Perfect for foil stamping, offset printing, debossing, embossing and metallic ink, this versatile cardstock is quite certain to impress. Our smooth white cardstock is an excellent way to set your cards apart from all of the laminated competition. As with all of our white premium cards printing is not included in the price so be sure to include it when using our price calculator.


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PAPER & PRICES(incl.vat)


Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard US / CA (51x89mm) 90x55mm
50 162AED 162AED 162AED 162AED 162AED
00 186AED 186AED 186AED 186AED 186AED
150 216AED 216AED 216AED 216AED 216AED
200 245AED 245AED 245AED 245AED 245AED
250 270AED 270AED 270AED 270AED 270AED
300 328AED 299AED 328AED 328AED 328AED
350 353AED 328AED 353AED 353AED 353AED
400 382AED 382AED 382AED 382AED 382AED
450 436AED 436AED 436AED 436AED 436AED
500 466AED 466AED 466AED 466AED 466AED
Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard US / CA (51x89mm) 90x55mm
50 132AED 132AED 132AED 132AED 132AED
100 157AED 157AED 157AED 157AED 157AED
150 176AED 176AED 176AED 176AED 176AED
200 201AED 201AED 201AED 201AED 201AED
250 221AED 221AED 221AED 221AED 221AED
300 270AED 245AED 270AED 270AED 270AED
350 284AED 265AED 284AED 284AED 284AED
400 304AED 304AED 304AED 304AED 304AED
450 348AED 348AED 3478ED 348AED 348AED
500 368AED 368AED 368AED 368AED 368AED
Quantity UAE (90×50) Standard EU (85×55) Standard Japan (91×55) Standard US / CA (51x89mm) 90x55mm
50 127AED 127AED 127AED 127AED 127AED
100 147AED 147AED 147AED 147AED 147AED
150 172AED 172AED 172AED 172AED 172AED
200 191AED 191AED 191AED 191AED 191AED
250 211AED 211AED 211AED 211AED 211AED
300 250AED 230AED 250AED 250AED 250AED
350 270AED 250AED 270AED 270AED 270AED
400 289AED 289AED 289AED 289AED 289AED
450 328AED 328AED 328AED 328AED 328AED
500 348AED 348AED 348AED 348AED 348AED

Business Cards- White Ultra Smooth

Why go for Business Cards- white Ultra Smooth?

Smooth Papers- Choices

Durable Ultra Smooth White Papers varied in thicknesses.

Class Quality

Durable & spectacular cards of complexity smartly done

Quite reasonable Price

Best Price! Full colour both sides Print for 50 copies & above

Free Delivery

FREE Delivery within Dubai for orders of 100Dhs & above


Sizes, Templates, Printing, Finishings, etc.

Business Cards – Smooth White


Business Days (Fri, Sat & Holidays- not working)

Production to start soon after approval of the digital proof submitted by you.
Proof approval time ends strictly @1.00 p.m. daily

UAE (90×50) Standard, EU (85×55) Standard, Japan (91×55) Standard, US/CA (51x89mm), 90x55mm


330gsm Plike White, 324gsm Mohawk Superfine UW Smooth, 320gsm Conqueror CX22 Diamond White


Two sides colours


50 copies, 100 copies, 150 copies, 200 copies, 250 copies, 300 copies, 350 copies, 400 copies, 450 copies, 500 copies


Hot Foil, Round Corner, Nil


1 Business Days, 2 Business Days, 3 Business Days


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Know Before Order

Please take care of the following while preparing your data


  • Data saved in CMYK color is the right format to get the paper printing by a mix of four color inks viz. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)


  • Large Format Printing will not be done in Pantone or Spot colours; hence your data must be converted to CMYK colours,if it is done in other colours.
  • If the above is not taken care, then Spot/Pantone colours will have to be converted to CMYK and a colour shift could be happened in print.

RGB Data

  • RGB colours are not meant for printing on paper, as it is mainly used for Monitors, TV Screens and Phone; hence Data is not to be done in RGB. This is very important.
  • If Data is not done or converted into CMYK ; it has to be changed to CMYK colours at our end and in such case, colour variance could be happened.


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