Square Postcards

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Original (100x100mm),CD (120x120mm) Medium (148x148mm),or Large (210x210mm).
Carefully crafted paper options to help you show your brand off.


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Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 108AED 113AED 118AED 147AED
100 118AED 127AED 137AED 191AED
200 132AED 152AED 167AED 279AED
300 147AED 181AED 201AED 368AED
400 162AED 206AED 235AED 461AED
500 176AED 235AED 270AED 549AED
600 191AED 260AED 304AED 637AED
700 206AED 289AED 338AED 730AED
800 221AED 314AED 368AED 818AED
900 235AED 343AED 407AED 907AED
1,000 250AED 368AED 436AED 1000AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 108AED 113AED 113AED 137AED
100 113AED 123AED 127AED 172AED
200 127AED 142AED 152AED 240AED
300 137AED 162AED 181AED 309AED
400 147AED 181AED 206AED 382AED
500 157AED 206AED 230AED 451AED
600 172AED 225AED 255AED 515AED
700 181AED 245AED 284AED 588AED
800 196AED 265AED 309AED 657AED
900 206AED 289AED 338AED 725AED
1,000 216AED 309AED 363AED 799AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 799AED 118AED 123AED 152AED
100 118AED 132AED 142AED 201AED
200 137AED 162AED 176AED 299AED
300 152AED 186AED 211AED 392AED
400 172AED 216AED 245AED 495AED
500 181AED 245AED 289AED 593AED
600 201AED 274AED 323AED 686AED
700 216AED 304AED 358AED 789AED
800 235AED 333AED 392AED 882AED
900 245AED 363AED 436AED 980AED
1,000 265AED 392AED 470AED 1083AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 108AED 113AED 118AED 142AED
100 113AED 123AED 132AED 181AED
200 127AED 147AED 162AED 255AED
300 142AED 172AED 191AED 333AED
400 157AED 191AED 216AED 412AED
500 167AED 216AED 250AED 490AED
600 181AED 240AED 274AED 564AED
700 191AED 265AED 304AED 647AED
800 206AED 284AED 333AED 720AED
900 216AED 309AED 363AED 799AED
1,000 230AED 333AED 392AED 877AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 108AED 108AED 113AED 132AED
100 113AED 118AED 123AED 162AED
200 123AED 132AED 142AED 216AED
300 132AED 152AED 167AED 274AED
400 142AED 172AED 186AED 333AED
500 147AED 186AED 211AED 392AED
600 162AED 206AED 230AED 451AED
700 167AED 221AED 255AED 510AED
800 181AED 240AED 274AED 568AED
900 186AED 260AED 299AED 627AED
1,000 196AED 274AED 319AED 686AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 108AED 113AED 118AED 142AED
100 113AED 123AED 132AED 181AED
200 132AED 147AED 162AED 260AED
300 142AED 196AED 191AED 338AED
400 157AED 216AED 216AED 417AED
500 167AED 240AED 250AED 495AED
600 181AED 265AED 279AED 573AED
700 191AED 289AED 309AED 652AED
800 206AED 320AED 338AED 730AED
900 216AED 314AED 368AED 809AED
1,000 235AED 338AED 397AED 887AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 123AED 132AED 142AED 196AED
100 137AED 157AED 176AED 294AED
200 172AED 211AED 245AED 475AED
300 196AED 270AED 314AED 652AED
400 235AED 323AED 377AED 843AED
500 260AED 377AED 456AED 1024AED
600 294AED 431AED 519AED 1205AED
700 319AED 490AED 588AED 1397AED
800 353AED 544AED 652AED 1573AED
900 377AED 598AED 730AED 1754AED
1,000 412AED 652AED 794AED 1945AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 123AED 127AED 137AED 186AED
100 132AED 152AED 172AED 270AED
200 167AED 201AED 225AED 431AED
300 186AED 250AED 289AED 593AED
400 221AED 299AED 348AED 760AED
500 240AED 348AED 417AED 921AED
600 270AED 397AED 470AED 1083AED
700 294AED 446AED 534AED 1254AED
800 323AED 495AED 593AED 1411AED
900 348AED 544AED 662AED 1573AED
1,000 377AED 593AED 715AED 1744AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 113AED 123AED 127AED 167AED
100 123AED 137AED 152AED 225AED
200 147AED 176AED 196AED 348AED
300 167AED 211AED 240AED 466AED
400 186AED 245AED 284AED 593AED
500 206AED 284AED 333AED 711AED
600 225AED 319AED 377 AED 833AED
700 245AED 358AED 421AED 956AED
800 270AED 392AED 466AED 1078AED
900 284AED 431AED 515AED 1196AED
1,000 309AED 466AED 559AED 1323AED
Quantity Square (100x100mm) Square (120x120mm) Square M (148x148mm) Square L (210x210mm)
50 113AED 118AED 123AED 152AED
100 123AED 132AED 142AED 206AED
200 137AED 162AED 176AED 304AED
300 152AED 191AED 216AED 407AED
400 172AED 221AED 255AED 510AED
500 186AED 255AED 294AED 613AED
600 206AED 284AED 328AED 711 AED
700 221AED 314AED 368AED 813AED
800 240AED 343AED 407AED 916AED
900 255AED 377AED 446AED 1014AED
1,000 274AED 407AED 485AED 1122AED

Card- Square is trendy/Stylish fitting multi-purpose projects

Why go for Postcards- Square in 4 size choices?

4 grand sizes available

Original (100x100mm),CD (120x120mm) Medium (148x148mm),or Large (210x210mm).

Paper choices – Splendid

Diligently crafted paper displaying the right Image

Best Price Offered

Best Price! Excellent quality print in full colour for orders 50 copies & above

Free Delivery

FREE Delivery within Dubai for orders of 100 Dhs & above


Sizes, Templates, Printing, Finishings, etc.

Postcards – Glossy Photo


Business Days (Fri, Sat & Holidays- not working)

Production to start soon after approval of the digital proof submitted by you.
Proof approval time ends strictly @1.00 p.m. daily

Square (100x100mm), Square (120x120mm), Square M (148x148mm), Square L (210x210mm)


300gsm Bristol, 310gsm Brown Kraft, 350gsm Coated One Side (C1S), 250gsm Magno Satin, 270gsm Rendez-Vous Natural


Two sides colours, One side colour


50 copies, 100 copies, 200 copies, 300 copies, 400 copies, 500 copies, 600 copies, 700 copies, 800 copies, 900 copies, 1000 copies


Nil, Round Corner, Hot Foil (Shiny Gold Foil), Punch Hole


1 Business Day, 2 Business Day, 3 Business Day


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Know Before Order

Please take care of the following while preparing your data


  • Data saved in CMYK color is the right format to get the paper printing by a mix of four color inks viz. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)


  • Large Format Printing will not be done in Pantone or Spot colours; hence your data must be converted to CMYK colours,if it is done in other colours.
  • If the above is not taken care, then Spot/Pantone colours will have to be converted to CMYK and a colour shift could be happened in print.

RGB Data

  • RGB colours are not meant for printing on paper, as it is mainly used for Monitors, TV Screens and Phone; hence Data is not to be done in RGB. This is very important.
  • If Data is not done or converted into CMYK ; it has to be changed to CMYK colours at our end and in such case, colour variance could be happened.


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