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Quantity 4p A5 (Open size: A4) 4p A4 (Open size: A3) 6p A5 (Open size: 441×210) 6p A4 (Open size: 627×297)
1000 485AED 485AED 720AED 1191AED
2000 720AED 720AED 1191AED 2132AED
3000 956AED 956AED 1661AED 3072AED
4000 1191AED 1191AED 2132AED 4013AED
5000 1426AED 1426AED 2602AED 4954AED
6000 1661AED 1661AED 3072AED 5895AED
7000 1896AED 1896AED 3543AED 6836AED
8000 2132AED 2132AED 4013AED 7776AED
9000 2367AED 2367AED 4484AED 8717AED
10000 2602AED 2602AED 4954AED 9658AED
11000 2837AED 2837AED 5424AED 10599AED
12000 3072AED 3072AED 5895AED 11540AED
13000 3308AED 3308AED 6365AED 12480AED
14000 3543AED 3543 AED 6836AED 13421AED
15000 3778AED 3778AED 7306AED 14362AED
16000 4013AED 4013AED 7776AED 15303AED
17000 4248AED 4248AED 8247AED 16248AED
18000 4484 AED 4484AED 8717AED 17189AED
19000 4719AED 4719AED 9188AED 18130AED
20000 4954AED 4954AED 9658AED 19071AED
Quantity 4p A5 (Open size: A4) 4p A4 (Open size: A3) 6p A5 (Open size: 441×210) 6p A4 (Open size: 627×297)
1000 485AED 720AED 564AED 1191AED
2000 720AED 1191AED 877AED 2132AED
3000 956AED 1661 AED 1191AED 3072AED
4000 1191AED 2132AED 1504AED 4013AED
5000 1426AED 2602AED 1818AED 4954AED
6000 1661AED 3072AED 2132AED 5895AED
7000 1896AED 3543AED 2445AED 6836AED
8000 2132AED 4013AED 2759AED 7776AED
9000 2367AED 4484AED 3072AED 8717AED
10000 2602AED 4954AED 3386AED 9658AED
11000 2837AED 5424AED 3700AED 10599AED
12000 3072AED 5895AED 4013AED 11540AED
13000 3308AED 6365AED 4327AED 12480AED
14000 3543AED 6836AED 4640AED 13421AED
15000 3778AED 7306AED 4954AED 14362AED
16000 4013AED 7776AED 5268AED 15303AED
17000 4248AED 8247AED 5581AED 16248AED
18000 4484AED 8717AED 5895AED 17189AED
19000 4719AED 9188AED 6208AED 18130AED
20000 4954AED 9658AED 6522AED 19071AED
Quantity 4p A5 (Open size: A4) 4p A4 (Open size: A3) 6p A5 (Open size: 441×210) 6p A4 (Open size: 627×297)
1000 441AED 657 AED 524 AED 1054 AED
2000 608AED 1054 AED 789 AED 1852 AED
3000 774AED 1450 AED 1054 AED 2646 AED
4000 941AED 1852 AED 1318 AED 3440 AED
5000 1107AED 2249 AED 1583 AED 4239 AED
6000 1274AED 2646 AED 1852 AED 5032 AED
7000 1446AED 3043 AED 2117 AED 5826 AED
8000 1612AED 3440 AED 2381 AED 6625 AED
9000 1779AED 3837 AED 2646 AED 7419 AED
10000 1945AED 4239 AED 2911 AED 8212 AED
11000 2112AED 4635 AED 3175 AED 9011 AED
12000 2279AED 5032 AED 3440 AED 9805 AED
13000 2445AED 5429 AED 3709 AED 10599 AED
14000 2617AED 5826 AED 3974 AED 11397 AED
15000 2783AED 6228 AED 4239 AED 12191 AED
16000 2950AED 6625 AED 4503 AED 12990 AED
17000 3116AED 7022 AED 4768 AED 13784 AED
18000 3283AED 7419 AED 5032 AED 14578 AED
19000 3450AED 7816 AED 5297 AED 15376 AED
20000 3621AED 8212 AED 5562 AED 16170 AED

Corporate Profiles-Perfect Fit

Why you go for the famous Trifold Pamphlets ?
*(Choose Half Fold for 4p size and Trifold for 6p size)

Pre-folded-4 or 6 Panels

Create Brilliant Profiles by folding A3 and A4 print Card Stock into ½ or ⅓ folds!

Templates kept ready for download

Create your own designs by downloading free templates !

The Most Attractive Price

Full colour Print both sides @the Best Price from 50 copies onwards!

Free Delivery

Free Delivery within Dubai for orders of 100 Dhs & above


Sizes, Templates, Printing, Finishings, etc.

Company Profile-Standard


Business Days (Fri, Sat & Holidays- not working)

Production to start soon after approval of the digital proof submitted by you.
Proof approval time ends strictly @1.00 p.m. daily

4p A5 (Open size: A4)(29.7x21cm), 4p A4 (Open size: A3)(42×29.7cm), 6p A5 (Open size: 441×210)(44.1x21cm), 6p A4 (Open size: 627×297)(63.3×30.3cm)


300gsm Matt, 250gsm Gloss, 300gsm Gloss


Two sides colours


1000 Copies, 2000 Copies, 3000 Copies, 4000 Copies, 5000 Copies, 6000 Copies, 7000 Copies, 8000 Copies, 9000 Copies, 10000 Copies, 11000 Copies, 12000 Copies, 13000 Copies, 14000 Copies, 15000 Copies, 16000 Copies, 17000 Copies, 18000 Copies, 19000 Copies, 20000 Copies


Nil, Score Fold(Crease + Half Fold), Hot Foil(Shiny Gold Foil), Gloss Lamination(One Side), Matt Lamination(One Side), Velvet Lamination(One Side)


2 Business Day, 3 Business Day, 4 Business Day


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Know Before Order

Please take care of the following while preparing your data


  • Data saved in CMYK color is the right format to get the paper printing by a mix of four color inks viz. CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black)


  • Large Format Printing will not be done in Pantone or Spot colours; hence your data must be converted to CMYK colours,if it is done in other colours.
  • If the above is not taken care, then Spot/Pantone colours will have to be converted to CMYK and a colour shift could be happened in print.

RGB Data

  • RGB colours are not meant for printing on paper, as it is mainly used for Monitors, TV Screens and Phone; hence Data is not to be done in RGB. This is very important.
  • If Data is not done or converted into CMYK ; it has to be changed to CMYK colours at our end and in such case, colour variance could be happened.


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