1. The final proof-read text in digital format; no scans Or faxes to be typed out
  2. High Resolution Images of your choice (minimum 300 dpi)
  3. Graphics, Logos or Maps in vector format (PDF/AI). If nothing is available, please look into our Art Work Services
  4. A sketch of Design/ Layout as a sample indicating the contents & it’s place

A single design proof (JPG) done by us will reach you by email. Your feedback and comments will be reviewed and design adjusted accordingly. Three (3) rounds of revisions are free for adjusting the design to suit it to your taste. More revisions will incur additional fees.

NOTE:As per policy, our working design files are not released. However, if it’s specifically needed by the customer, it will be released at an extra charge which is normally 100% of the original design fee.

Design Fees