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Certificates serve as formal documents that attest to a person’s completion of a particular course, training, or achievement. They are widely used in various fields to demonstrate expertise, skills, and qualifications.

Digital Certificates:

Increasingly, certificates are being issued in digital formats, often using blockchain technology for added security.


Allows for customization of the certificate template to reflect the branding and style of the issuing organization.


Ensures that both physical and digital certificates are easily accessible to the recipients.

Integration with Credentialing Platforms:

Enables integration with online platforms where individuals can showcase and verify their certificates.

Multilingual Support:

Provides translations or multilingual support for a diverse audience.

Embedded Metadata:

Includes metadata within digital certificates, offering additional information or links to detailed course content.

Printable and Shareable:

Designed to be easily printable for physical copies and shareable on social media or professional networking platforms in digital form.

Feedback Mechanism:

Allows for feedback or comments related to the course or training, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Automatic Issuance:

In digital platforms, the process of certificate issuance can be automated upon completion of the required criteria.

AST Digital Print Centre takes great pride in delivering high-quality and visually appealing certificates that not only serve as tangible proof of accomplishment but also reflect the professionalism and prestige of the issuing organization. With a commitment to innovation, we embrace the digital age, offering secure and customizable digital certificates that meet the evolving needs of our clients.


A4 (210x297mm)(21×29.7cm)


1, 25, 50


IVORY 300gsm


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