Saddle Stich A4

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8 pages
Cover – 300gsm Matt
Inner – 170gsm Matt

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Saddle stitch binding involves stapling the brochure along the spine, providing a professional and polished finish.

Versatility of Brochures:

Brochures are adaptable and can serve various marketing purposes. Their adaptability contributes to manifold advantages of BROCHURE PRINTING.

Crucial Role of Brochures:

A well-designed brochure not only introduces a company but also provides in-depth insights into its products and services. It serves as a valuable tool to attract a larger client base, contributing significantly to business progress.


Effective Communication:

Brochures efficiently convey crucial facts and guidance about a company, its offerings, and services. Distributing them at trade shows or events, mailing them to targeted clients, or sharing them directly inspires visits, grows brand awareness, and ultimately boost sales.

Variety Printing Options:

BROCHURE PRINTING offers a range of binding and folding methods, along with diverse paper options such as coated, uncoated, recycled, fancy, textured, and non-tearable papers.

AST Digital Print Center Expertise:

Recognizing the significance of Brochure Printing, AST Digital Print Center exclusively handles this aspect with expert and dedicated professionals. They ensure swift delivery, minimum quantity orders, quick turnarounds with same-day delivery, and a 24-hour production center.

Variety of Brochure Models:

AST Digital Print Center offers various brochure models such as perfect binded, saddle stitch, folded, die-cut, and laminated. Each model is tailored to meet diverse client needs.

Special Effects and Quality Printing:

Utilizing a Kodak 5-color digital printer, AST Digital Print Center can achieve special effects like embossed printing, white color printing, security UV printing, and unique green, red, and blue prints, ensuring extraordinary quality.

Digital Die Cutting and Customization:

The digital die-cutting machine at AST Digital Print Center provides the flexibility to create brochures in different shapes and sizes, offering customization options for customer brochures.

Brochure’s Impact:

Despite their compact size, brochures can convey a wealth of information about a business, including offers, rates, and contact details. A well-planned and high-quality brochure can generate positive responses and attract potential customers.

Paper Quality:

Choose a high-quality paper stock that complements your brand image and enhances the overall feel of the brochure.

Full-Color Printing:

Take advantage of full-color printing to ensure vibrant and eye-catching visuals throughout the brochure.

AST Digital Print Center in UAE offers clients a variety of brochure ideas, paper samples, and templates. They use world-class equipment for printing and ensure stringent quality control at every step, guaranteeing a quick turnaround for their clients.


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