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Standees typically refer to promotional displays or cut-out figures that stand upright on their own. These are often used in advertising and marketing to grab attention and promote a product, event, or brand. Standees can be found in various places such as movie theaters, retail stores, trade shows, and events.


The choice of material is crucial for the durability and stability of the standee. Common materials include cardboard, foam board, corrugated plastic, or other rigid substrates.

Consider the intended use (indoor or outdoor), expected wear and tear, and the overall presentation.

Print Quality:

High-resolution printing is essential for clear and vibrant images on the standee.

Make sure the printing service uses quality printing equipment and can handle large format printing for the desired size of the standee.

Cutting and Finishing:

Precision cutting is crucial to achieve clean edges and a professional appearance.

Consider additional finishing options, such as matte or gloss lamination, to enhance the visual appeal and protect the printed surface.

Size and Shape:

Standees come in various sizes, and customization is often available to fit specific requirements.

Some standees may have unique shapes or cutouts to enhance the overall design and draw attention. 

Assembly Design:

The design should be user-friendly for easy assembly. Clear instructions or markings on the standee can aid in proper setup.

Consider including features like an easel back or other support mechanisms to ensure stability.


Many printing services offer customization options, allowing you to tailor the standee to your specific branding, marketing, or promotional needs.

Custom shapes, die-cutting, and personalized graphics can make your standee stand out.

Quantity and Pricing:

Printing services often provide different pricing tiers based on the quantity ordered. Consider your budget and the quantity needed for your promotional campaign. 

Turnaround Time:

Check the printing service’s turnaround time to ensure that the standees will be ready when you need them.

When planning standee printing, it’s beneficial to work with AST Digital Print Center UAE or Qatar who are  specialized in large format or promotional printing. They can guide materials, and design considerations, and ensure that the final product meets your expectations.



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