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Tent cards are versatile promotional and informational tools commonly used in various settings. These self-standing cards are folded into a tent-like shape, making them ideal for display on flat surfaces such as tables, counters, or reception desks.

Foldable Design:

Tent cards are characterized by their foldable design, allowing them to stand independently on flat surfaces.

Double-Sided Printing:

Utilize both sides of the tent card for information, providing ample space for content without clutter.

Durable Material:

Printed on sturdy and durable materials, tent cards are designed to withstand handling and maintain their shape during use. 

Customizable Content:

Tent cards offer flexibility for customization, allowing businesses to tailor content based on specific promotions, events, or informational needs. 

Variety of Sizes:

Available in various sizes, tent cards can be chosen to suit different display areas and accommodate the amount of information being presented.

Graphics and Branding:

Incorporate visually appealing graphics, branding elements, and color schemes to align with the overall visual identity of a business or event.

Ease of Assembly:

Designed for easy assembly, tent cards should be user-friendly, allowing quick setup on tables without any hassle.


Depending on the content, tent cards can be designed for single-use events or crafted with durability for repeated use.


Consider adding interactive elements such as QR codes, encouraging users to access additional information or promotions.

Tent cards are more than just display tools; they are effective communicators that command attention in various settings.   AST Print Centre UAE  versatile design, coupled with the ability to convey information in a visually appealing manner, makes them indispensable for businesses, events, and educational institutions alike. Whether used for promotional purposes, informational displays, or as part of event decor, tent cards serve as impactful and practical tools for communication.


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