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Floor stickers, also known as floor decals or floor graphics, are adhesive graphics designed for application on floors. They serve some target purposes, like wayfinding and promotional messaging to enhance the aesthetics of a space.  Here are key aspects to consider about floor stickers:


Floor stickers are typically made of durable, slip-resistant materials to ensure safety.  Common materials include vinyl, which is both durable and easy to clean.


The adhesive used on floor stickers is formulated to fix well to various flooring surfaces, including tile, laminate, hardwood, and even carpets. It should be strong enough to stay in place, at the same removable for not causing damage to the floor.

3.Anti-Slip Properties:

To prevent accidents, floor stickers often have anti-slip properties to ensure safety in high-traffic areas.

4.Customizable Designs:

Floor stickers can be customized with variety designs, colors, and sizes to match the branding or promotional needs of a business.  Logos, text, graphics, or even intricate patterns can be printed on floor stickers.

5.Easy Application:

Many floor stickers are designed for easy self-application. The backing typically peels away, allowing the sticker to be applied directly to the floor.


The floor stickers designed should be of good quality to withstand foot traffic, cleaning, and general wear and tear. They may have a protective layer to prevent fading or damage from cleaning agents.

7.Indoor and Outdoor Use:

Some floor stickers are ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, expanding their utility for events, promotions, or wayfinding.

8.Wayfinding and Navigation:

Floor stickers are often used in public spaces to guide people through a specific route, mark social distancing measures, or highlight important areas.

9.Promotions and Marketing:

Businesses use floor stickers as part of their marketing strategy, especially in retail environments, for promoting products and conveying messages to customers.

10.Event and Trade Show Branding:

Floor stickers can be instrumental in branding spaces during events and trade shows, making a visual impact on attendees.

11.Temporary and Permanent Options:

Depending on the intended use, floor stickers can be designed for temporary promotions or as more permanent fixtures.

12.Custom Shapes and Sizes:

Floor stickers can be cut into custom shapes and sizes, allowing for creative and eye-catching designs.

13.Ease of Removal:

When the promotion or event is over, high-quality floor stickers should be easy to remove without leaving residue or damaging the flooring.

AST Digital Printing Services enhance the visual impact, customization options, and overall effectiveness of these promotional tools. Businesses can leverage this combination to create compelling floor graphics that not only serve useful & practical purposes, it also contribute to a memorable and cohesive brand experience for customers and visitors.


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